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Automotive Professionals Pty Ltd

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Automotive Professionals Motor Vehicle Engine Tuning

Automotive Professionals Auto Care is a full-service automotive repair and preventive maintenance centre. Performing high quality and guaranteed automotive repairs in the Hills. Commencing operations in Castle Hill in 1989, when in those day only a small few took the opportunity to open mechanical repair workshops of this kind.

Seeing the potential, John Young with his motor mechanical and technical background saw the urgent need for a business which operated independently of the local car dealers. A need that offered the people living in the Hills District a car repair service centre alternative.


Automotive Professionals Motor Vehicle Engine Tuning

A Exciting Era of Highly Technical Vehicles

At Automotive Professionals we can see the continued potential for growth in the Auto repairs and Servicing business industry is guaranteed.

Vehicles of all ages are in continuing need of repairs and with the new area of exciting modern highly technical vehicles with on board computers and electric cars, vehicles that run on LPGas and combinations of LP Gas and Petrol or diesel.

Then of course as petrol and diesel becomes more and more expensive it stands to reason that GREEN technology is going to play a large part of future motoring. At Automotive Professionals we pride ourselves to be ready for all eventualities.


Automotive Professionals Motor Vehicle Engine Tuning

Boasting About Our Service!

Automotive Professionals Castle Hill offers a cost-effective alternative to car dealership servicing for all scheduled maintenance of your family or company vehicle. Regardless of the make or model, Automotive Professionals service your car and retain the manufacturer's warranty.

The business was established and commenced in 1989 some 24 years ago.

Yes! We do boast about the time we have been in business, it means we must be doing it RIGHT! We have stood the test of time! Our customers by continuing to come back are testament to that and our customer base continues to grow today.

Our clients, customers are our most important asset. You are invited to call in and visit at just about any time. Be sure to put the Automotive Professionals on your list the next time you require a vehicle serviced or are in need of advice on repairs.

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