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Four Wheel Drive 4WD Servicing and Repairs

Full-service automotive repair and preventive maintenance centre

Four Wheel Drive Servicing and Repairs

Automotive Professionals at Castle Hill is a full-service automotive repair and preventive maintenance centre for all types of four wheel drive and SUV''s.

Performing our high quality and guaranteed automotive four wheel drive (4x4) service and repairs, we also upgrade suspensions and supply 4wd accessories.

Four Wheel Drive Servicing and Repairs

4x4, 4wd, Four wheel Drive, 4 wheel drive, no matter how you say or spell it our team specialise in performance upgrades. You will notice the difference and improvements in your vehicles off road performance and vehicle power, throttle response, fuel economy, reliability and torque spread.

All Makes and Model Four Wheel Drive and SUV's Logbook Servicing

Logbook FIXED PRICE servicing is available on all makes and model off on and off road vehicles.

Four Wheel Drive Brake Clutch Repairs and/or Replacement

Brakes are the single most important safety factor in any 4x4 or off road vehicle they require regular inspection usually at the time of service. Automotive Professionals offer a full brake & clutch replacement or repair service for all makes and models of four wheel drive (4x4) including light commercials.

We specialise in servicing all makes of four wheel drives and SUV's, as well as routine servicing right up to major repairs and we supply and fitment of all types of 4wd accessories.

Four wheel drive service centre

Four Wheel Drive and Suv's Engine Tuning / EFI / Electronic Fuel Injection / Cooling System

Technician/Mechanics complete efficient engine tune-up's, check air intake system, clean fuel injectors, replace fuel lines and filters, computer scans and fault detection available using the latest electronic diagnostic equipment insuring that the dialysis of the vehicle is precise. Cooling systems, radiator pressure testing, inspection fan belts and hoses, thermostat and water pumps, check coolant condition and levels.

Four wheel Drive 4 to 8 Cylinder Diesel and Petrol Engine Repairs or Rebuilds / Transmissions Repairs & Servicing / Suspension & Lift Kits Plus Wheel Alignment Repairs

All and every type of any minor or major four wheel Drive (4wd) engine repairs including engine cylinder head service, replacement of timing belts. Complete transmission services, oil change, repairs and replacement available all completed by highly qualified Technicians/Mechanics. Test and inspect all suspension components for wear using only quality suspension parts.

Four Wheel Drive and SUV Auto Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Specialising in: Central locking, Batteries, Power windows, Starter Motors and Alternators, Air-conditioning, Lights and off road Lighting, Electrical and Accessories, Engine management systems, Anti-lock Braking, Key Programming, Security, Computer Modules and Airbags. We stock and fit an extensive range of batteries to suit every make and model of vehicle. All come with at least a 1 to 2 years warranty.

Four Wheel Drive (4x4) Off Road Rego & LPG Inspections / E-Safety Checks/ Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspections

Customers are able to wait while 4x4 vehicle road worthy inspections are completed.

Special customer service for E Safety (Vehicle registration) & LPG Gas Checks. Clients save time as we provide terminals for customers to register vehicles with the RTA online in our work shop.

Buying a second hand four wheel drive (4x4) vehicle? It is a very good idea to have the vehicle inspected before you make the purchase. Automotive Professionals offer an unsurpassed team of Technician/Mechanics using the latest equipment available, a full workshop four wheel drive inspection can be carried out, giving you complete peace of mind when purchasing a second hand vehicle.

Customer satisfaction

The owners of the vehicles we service and repair participate in just about everything from a weekend club trip in the country to a major around Australia venture, pulling a van and they remain secure in the knowledge that their vehicle is safe and reliable both on and off road.

Four Wheel Drive Servicing and Repairs
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Automotive Professionals Pty Ltd

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