Automotive Professionals Pty Ltd

Automotive Professionals Pty Ltd

3/10 Hudson Ave Castle Hill NSW

02 9680 2244

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The Automotive Professionals Mechanical Repairs' highly experienced team of expert mechanics has collectively resolved pretty much every motor vehicle mechanical repair issue imaginable.

JOHN: Automotive Tafe Teacher - NRMA Technical Inspector - MTA Councillor - Qualified Motor Mechanic - AIS Examiner

MAL: Qualified Motor Mechanic - Qualified Auto Electrician - Qualified LPG Installer & Repairer - AIS Examiner - LPG Examiner

AARON: Qualified Motor Mechanic - AIS Examiner

JACK: 1st Year Motor Mechanic Apprentice

Our Premium Quality Workmanship our management team and staffs have worked successfully with just about every make and model of vehicle over the years so we feel very confident that we can and will resolve your issue quickly and effectively. All our staffs pride ourselves on great service and clear communication and ready to serve you!

You will discover the difference!

John Young

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Automotive Professionals Pty Ltd

3/10 Hudson Ave Castle Hill NSW

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