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Hey John,
That job on the Statesman! What did you do to it?? It was a V8 when I drove it in! After I picked it up and drove off from you yesterday I thought Bloody Hell, it's a JET PLAN... What a difference!

When you mention that you thought it was a blockage, and you know I no nothing about what makes a car go, it certainly runs really well now.. Hey! I did try to call but the phone was busy so I hope you don't mind the email?

I give you a call sometime this week.

Many Thanks,

Rob. W

Hi John,
Thanks a lot mate for checking that car over I am so pleased I brought it. I called in and paid Mal and thanked him personally for that little bit of work he did. I want to bring Judy's car up next week (The Mazda) if you could book that in for a service and you might take a look at the brakes for her please. Call or text me with the best day to bring it up.

Once again thank you for everything, by the way the conversation you had with Leon did to make a big difference, I got the feeling that he just might take more care of his car now! I look forward to talking with you soon; I might get Leon to drive me up in his car.


Graham. P

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